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Write the words.

Change one letter every time !!!

1. Bank : We keep money from here

2.            : A medicine that use to kill people

3.            : A small street

4.            : Not sea or air. Solid earth

5.            : It’s at the end of our arm

6.            : The synonym of depend

7.            : A group

8.            : This is where we usually put oil

9.            : Discord

10.         : Past Tense “sing”

11.          : The synonym of wise or prudent

12.          : Luck

13.          : Small shop that usually we eat cake or drink coffee

14.          : A pet canary’s house

15.          : Something sweet to eat on our birthday

16.          : Usually in the kitchen, for cook breads

17.          : People bike for take a walk or sport

18.           : This is where we use to hold water

19.           : Title of king’s family

20.           : This place usually to steep camel

21.            : Reguler tone

22.            : Something that the color white in the mouth

23.            : This is sometimes on paper to help us write clearly

24.            : The opposite of hate or dislike

25. Lake : A large area of water. Not sea

By : Fitri Nur Laily

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God is My Life

We can bring him into our heart

And when it so, I can feel how great He loves us

He is the most justice of all

Every happiness, there always come a sadness

Every single thing, we feel there always come a deep confusion

He, with all of His Almighty and the Most Gracious of all, gives us a bright guidance to life

Thanks God, You have been giving me a light – a colourful light of life and full of love

By : Fitri Nur L

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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

Firstly,let’s thank and pray to Allah almighty the most gracious and merciful,who has been giving us mercies and blessings so,that we can meet and gather in this place in good condition without any troubles and obstacles.I would also like to express my deepest gratitude and prayers to the beloved prophet,Muhammad SAW.

Secondly,I don’t forget to say thank you very much to the committe for giving me the opportunity to say a few words at this event.In this occasion I’d like to speak about “SCIENCE”.

As us know,science has a prominent position in our life.It is absolutely important so that we obligated to look for science.Why I say that science is very important?Because life without science is like walking in the darkness without any light.Life without science just like life without knowing its essence and its purpose.By science we can protect ourself if someone inluences us to do the wrong thing.By science we can defferenciate what is wrong and what is right.Don’t ever let anybody deceive you!

Relating science with happiness,it has a connection actually.If we want to get happiness in this world we must have science,because science will lead us into a good life,then if we want to get happiness in here after,we must have science,especially the science of religion.Therefore,if we want to get happiness in the world and here after we must have science.The thing that we must remember is that our science won’t have meaning if we don’t practice it.It’s no use studying so hard without practicing it.Thus,we must look for science during living in the world until our breathing stops.No matter what the obstacle is,please look for science from the crodle until the grave.

Good Luck!!

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

By : Fitri Nur Laily

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Monetary Vaccine

Hy guys…..

Have you read the headline ?! What do you feel about it ? Scared ? Excited ? Shocked ?

By the way, do you remember this song ? Presented by Cirdy Cenora ?

Krismon krisis moneter…..

Ku tanya mama apa artinya…..

Krismon krisis moneter…..

Aku sih ya cuek aja…..!!

Cindy Cenora ? Who is she ? Hnmm…..I’m quiet sure that most of us have already forgotten about her. Well, she is the one singing “Aku Cinta Rupiah”. Remember now ? Good ! It appeared in 1998, well we were still very young actually, like under 5 years old.

Vaccine ? It is usually used to cure illnesses. However, monetary vaccine is not to cure illnesses but it is used to cure monetary crisis. Well, it can’t be directly called as an illness but we can call monetary crisis as an illness right ?

Based on the interview obtained from Mr. Ahmad Erani Yustika, a chairperson of The Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF). On May 25th 2009, the monetary crisis began with the heavy fall of Bath (Thailand) and then spread to our country. That was the cause of Monetary Crisis in Indonesia at 1997. In short, Monetary Crisis is an economic problem faced by developed countries that influences the developing countries including Indonesia.

Okay, be there must be a lot of questions your mind ? About why was our country be influenced by the Monetary Crisis ? It was because the developed countries were the “wattle” of the developing countries. So when the wattle was falling down, automatically the other were also falling down. This issue was highly argued lately. But now, we don’t talk about Monetary Crisis but Global Crisis. Global Crisis can be defined as the export market crisis. Realize or not, we are actually materialistic. We just look for something materialistic. We prefer fancy handphone. If we don’t have it, we feel like we are not following the recent model. On the contrary, the most essential function of having a handphone is just for talking and texting. Nowadays, it is hard to find that teenagers have a basic-function handphone. Here are the evidences :

1. We prefer imported things

If we don’t use the imported things, it feels like we don’t quite populer. Well, we know that the quality of the imported things are better than the local one. But, did you know that all of those stuff give bad effects to our country ? We have good quality of stuff too actually, but it is covered by the imported things .So, we can’t be proud of our own products!

2. We spend most of our time for YM, FB or FS

Nowadays, cyberspare has become an important part of our life. We feel ashamed if we don’t know about chatting, FB or FS. So immediately, we make a new email. And if we start to chat, we often forget about time. Chatting for ten hours feels like chatting for an hour, does it ? It can get worse if we chat to our girlfriend or our boyfriend. A week feels like an hour…hahahaha

3. We like to buy fancy things because of its prestige, beautiful shape or cool.

If we have spare time, it is fun if we spend it to hang around mall or plaza for just window shopping. But if our eyes get wilder, when we see a cute thing with a low price without thinking we just instantly buy that. But if we don’t have money, we borrow money from our friend or we take our money out from the savings. Obviously it affects the economic situation in our country. It is suggested that we increase the industrial economic, but unfortunately the society do not support it.

So, this vaccine is the best way to help our country and to show our careness toward this problem. Don’t be worry, it is easy to follow. Here are the steps :

1. Smart shopping or fasting shopping

Smart shopping ? Is it possible ? Of course ,if we pay attention about our need. How ?

Usually, we go to Mall after we get money from our parents, don’t we ? By doing fasting shopping, then we can save our money. So, if someday there will be another monetary crisis, we don’t need to be worry still we have money from which we have already saved it.

2. Learn to be Independent

Why I said so ? It’s just because if we are independent students, we can face the problems well and we don’t need to depend on other people. It also trains us to be brave to do something and be responsible of what we have done. By having the savings we don’t have to ask for money to our parents. Unintentionally, we will feel very satisfy because we can’t have stuff with our own money.

3. Love your Local Product.( “Heroic Consumption “)

Local product ? Why is not imported ?

For your information, if you buy the local products means we can tribute in the economic of Indonesia. On the contrary, if we buy imported products means that we help the economic of the importing – products countries. As a result, our economic will be lower than others economic.

4. Have your own business.

As students, is it necessary for us to have our own business ?

Well, as the next generation who will rules the country, we have a responsibility to help our lovely country become better and better. Take a look at this example : There is a student from Bandung. Everyday after he finishes his study, he goes to a furniture store to get the left – wood. Then, he transforms this word into a lamp cup (it is used to put your lamp).His works is worthy. His creation is well known toward the world especially in Japan.

So, let’s follow his steps ! But with our own creation.

5. Use your free time wisely.

Having education ? We already get it in school. But we can have other education not only from the formal institution – school – but also from the informal institution. I said so since we are the next generation of this beloved country. So we have to improve our quality as well as the ability, in order to prepare ourselves in facing anything. Besides, we can also make a good decision toward our future life.

6. Don’t convert every thing with money.

Like what I said in the previous page about handphone. Basically, a handphone is a device used to having communication either by talking or texting. But day by day, a handphone gets more sophisticated. And as teenagers, we want the sophisticated handphone than the basic one. So, from the explanation above, we see that the function of handphone is now changed, isn’t it ?

Okay guys, now you know what monetary vaccine right ? Well actually, there are still a lot. But because of the limited pages so, we have to stop. Thanks for all of you for giving me your time to read my article. Hopefully, it gives you broaden knowledge about what we have to do in facing the monetary crisis.

Don’t forget to keep smiling , no matter what you will facing. See you and good luck!!

By : Fitri Nur Laily

Monetary Vaccine